Text 3 Mar I’m engaged!!!

I am engaged…. & i’m only 20 years old. I don’t know how many people can relate to that but it has its pros and cons. Before i got into this relationship i wasn’t allowed to do anything. Living in my mothers house it was like i was not able to grow up and be a normal teenager. Once i got into this relationship i moved out and decided to actually have a grown up relationship and that this was going to last no matter what. So anyway i moved out and in with my boyfriend and…WALLAH we got engaged. I can definitely say that it was a big wake up call for me. I had to learn how to think and do everything FOR US. The biggest aspect of any relationship period is that everything you do is for the team, you and your spouse is a team. So the problems definitely came when i moved in and i found myself around him alllllll the time, if he wasn’t at work then we we’re together. I didn’t have any friends that i could talk to outside of my relationship and i found that to be very hard on my relationship because we would always fight and bicker. We both are stubborn for i am a leo and he’s a Capricorn so we would always butt heads about stupid stuff. Well i have to go to class now so i’ll finish this later…..

Photo 2 Mar Oh my dear sweet bed…im so happy to see you!!!

Oh my dear sweet bed…im so happy to see you!!!

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